Honors and Awards

US Patent D0749686

Collapsible tent for use on a bed

Inventors: Sean H. Gilmore

Publication number: D0749686
Publication date: Feb 16, 2016

Jack and Jill Regional Teen Conference
First Place, Entrepreneur Award -   2016

CKW LUXE Magazine Shining Star Award 

  (This award recognizes young people who
  have  made a significant impact on their
  community  through innovation or      


​​​Selected Speeches

Speaker - launch of Houston Community
College Teen Entrepreneur Program - May, 2015


Speaker - teen entrepreneurship - Nov. 17, 2015 - World Youth Foundation
Speaker - teen entrepreneurship
Beijing High School Students, Beijing, China

June 3, 2016
Keynote Speaker – young inventors
 showcase - University of Houston STEM Center – Young Inventor’s Summer Camp
July 8, 2017

About the Inventor

Sean Gilmore is a high school student at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory School in Houston, Texas.  He came up with the idea for the "Sleepover Bed Tent" when he was just eleven years old in the fifth grade.  That year, he won a school competition for his invention concept, and he became determined to create and sell his idea.  He worked diligently for more than two years to refine his invention and received his patent, recorded as Patent No. D0749686,  in 2016. He has launched his new company, the Sleepover Bed Tent, LLC to market his product.  His invention is the unique solution for sleeping single in a double. 


When Sean is not busy inventing and running his business, he plays lacrosse.  He also enjoys video gaming, fishing and working out.  He lives with his mother, Judge Vanessa Gilmore, who is his only employee.